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  • High Concept: Geek of Computer Modeling
  • Trouble: Always something new to dabble in
  • Aspects: Where will this lead if thought through to the end?I can't even play a bad guyImprovisation and planning are like blackberries and tomato: I love one, appreciate the other, and mixing them requires serious inspiration.

I have been playing RPGs (and avoiding D&D) for quite some time now. My main interest is in games that explicitly tell you what game they are, and consistently follow up on that promise. If a game does this well, I may even start loving to play post-apocalyptic or PvP or high-school social or politics-centered or hidden-traitor games, even though that's opposite to my default preferences. Unfortunately that's not very wide-spread in the social circle I play with, so I have tried less things than I might like, and I think lots about Agendas, Managing Expectations, Techniques &c. myself.

I blame D. Vincent Baker's Apocalypse World for really getting me into this frame of mind.

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